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at any moment you can blurt out something that will torpedo your career. msnbc sus henned mark halperin this week. is the uproar over this one word a bit mch? michele bachmann jumps into the presidential race and gets pounded for a factual flub and asked whether she's a flake. our news organizations plain condescending to female conservatives. >>> dominique strauss-kahn released from house arrest as the sexual case against him appears to crumble. but hasn't he already been convicted in the press? >>> we'll also look at glenn beck's fox farewell. can he keep his clout online and the media's celebration, there really is no other word, of the gay marriage vote in new york. but what about the other side? i'm howard kurtz and this is "reliable sources." >>> we'll get to michele bachmann's campaign in a few moments. there's been so much buzz about mark halperin's suspension i wanted to address it at the top of the program. he's an msnbc analyst, "time" magazine contributor as well. >> are we in the seven-second delay today? i wanted to characterize how the president behave had. >> we have it.
one of the greatest things i've ever seen in my life. >> mark halperin. what was the president's strategy? >> are we in the seven-second delay today? >> oh, lordy. >> i want to characterize how i thought the president behaved. >> we have it. we can use it, right, alex? >> yeah, sure, come on. >> go for it. >> i thought he was kind of a dick yesterday. ( laughter ) >> jon: mark halperin, senior political analyst, editor at large of "time" magazine just called the president a dick. and that wasn't like a spontaneous, like, can't contain myself, you lie! like this one, you guys have a delay because i'm going to call the president a dick. now, people can argue whether that's appropriate, whether halperin crossed some sort of line, whether or not journalism has lost its professionalism. personally i could give a ( bleep ). that horse left the barn years and years ago. what's interesting to me about what he did is not what he did. it's what happened after they came back from the commercial. >> joking aside, this is a pro forma apology. it's an absolute apology. heartfelt to the presi
welcome back jeff halperin today. and on the first day of free agent, the capitals signed halperin to a one-year deal. and even though halperin has been with the caps, he doesn't expect to be a captain this upcoming season. now, the 35-year-old center played six seasons in washington from 1999 to 2006. last season with the canadiens earned 11 goals and 16 assists. halperin will provide another veteran presence for the caps, and this upcoming season will be his 12th in the national hockey league. halperin says he's just excited to be back in washington. >> looking back, i wouldn't trade it for anything. you don't always expect to be traded or where you're going to sign. but i enjoyed every city i went to, and every team i think i've played with, maybe except for one or two. but it's been a great ride. i've learned a ton and maybe appreciate the even more i think how special the game is and also how special my time was here. so, yeah, i'm looking forward to coming back. >> jeff halperin, another veteran presence for the capitals, they'll definitely need his season, trying to hit the
that even came close the that is when welly geist stared down mark halperin after halperin called president obama a dick. >> i became part of the joke, but that's no excuse. i made a mistake, and i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said it. [laughter] >> jon: i wonder if wendi deng would approve of willie geist's scowl. no. seriously, her scowl puts his scowl... makes his scowl almost look like approval. you know what that means, scowl-off. let me try. here we go. oh, boy, i feel terrible. rushing this morning to get a cab, and i accidentally knocked someone over. i know, willie, bad. i'm sorry. although many my defense, pregnant people take up a lot of room, and... oh, oh. anyway, that was rupert murdoch. what about england's second most powerful man, david cameron, whose hiring of the former "news of the world" editor andy colson as his press secretary despite colson having resigned in the first round of "news of the world" accusations. >> crunch time for david cameron. lawmakers are determined to ask him questions about what many consider an uncomfortably close relationship between him and ruper
halperin is out of job.. for now.. for calling the president a dirty four - letter word on the live t-v. and the precedent has been set on this show, ... go aaead, i thought he was kind of a dáák yesterday, oh my god, delay that... delay that what are you doing? i think the presideet, i can't believe you i was joking i can't believe ou, did we delay that? the answer is no, the producers in the control room didnnt catch it in time. people across the country heard him call the president a four letter word that bbgins with d... the m-s-n-b- c analyst offered an immeddate apology. to be fair scarborough had promised they bleeped, but everyone agrees e it was wwy out of line. if you're heading out this holidayyweekend... plan your travel tiies wisely! wisely!m-t-a says he est time to avoid traffic on the chesapeake bay bridge... is before 10 this morningg...and after 10 tonight.if you're traveling tomorrow... you're encouraged to head out before &p7 a--... or after 5 p--.and o sunday... the best travel assyou get ready for your 4th - of july celebrattons ...a reminder th
't say on television. now mar now mark halperin is starting his own list. jennee moos coming up with some words that got him in big trouble. never goes unnoticed. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat . appear in a u.s. district courtroom. >>> president obama heads to camp david for the 4th of july weekend. >>> let's check in with susan candiotti. >> reporter: i'm here in new york. of course there are stunning developments that are happening involving this case that could possibly wind up sending the felony charges against him down the drain. i'll have a live report coming up on that in the next hour. >>> i'm david mattingly in orlando. the casey anthony murder trial is supposed to be wrapping up today, but it's on hold. i'll explain why coming up. >>> i'm mark mckay, the nba has joined the nfl in locking out its players. are two seasons now in jeopardy? we'll t
that olbermann said in msnbc compared to halperin-- >> and others on various talk show networks and cables networks do nothing, but blast obama 24/7 and call him all kinds of names and-- >> i don't think you legal have to-- media matters is watching so it's it's hard to find anybody on fox that said that obama was murderous. >> a pathological liar or-- >> obama has been called a liar by guests sometimes. >> murderer, murderer. >> said shut the hell up and-- >> not the same thing as a human appendage. >> jon: time for another break, if you see something that you think shows evidence of media bias, e-mail us at news watch@foxnews.com. up next, eliot spitzer is out of cnn's arena. at least for now. >> an international sex scandal erupts and so does the media coverage, but was it fair for the press to convict the imf chief before his day in court and the vice-president is tweeting or at least his staff yotake any surce, and place it between the earth's justice down upon it. oh. please sign that card for carl. ♪call 1-800-steemer. >> when the former head of the international monetary fund, d
: in the caustic coarse world of cable you hear a lot these days, but no one has ever heard this. mark halperin, an editor for "time" magazine and respected analyst for msnbc, used a foururetter word for male anatomy. to describe the president. >> are we on the seven-second delay? i want to characterize how i thought the president behaved. >> let's see what happens. >> you fall down, i'm going to catch you. >> i thought he was kind of a [ bleep ] yesterday. >> oh, my god. delay that. delay that. what are you doing? >> i think the president -- >> i can't believe -- i was joking. don't do that. did we delay that? >> i hit it. i hope it worked. >> reporter: his colleagues were clearly shocked. halperin too. he thought the word would be bleeped. the engineer hit the wrong button. no one is using that as an excuse. >> i think rougher language is deemed acceptable on some cable news shows but live television means there is no safety net. >> reporter: the white house complained immediately and msnbc suspended halperin indefinitely saying the comment was completely inappropriate and unacceptable. halpe
halperin. halperinnoffered an immediate apollgy. to be fair scarborough haddpromised hat they were inndelay nd that it would be bleepedd but eeeryone live t.v. lly bad day on - it's a great day for maryland's waterfront. &ptwo offthe nation's cleanest beaches are rrghh here in our pnd assateague island state park received a four star rating for overaal cleanliness. that's one of the top ratings for the 3000 rrted beaches across the country. it looks like beach weather with yet anottee heatwave on the way. way. meteorologiss emily -lo. don't worry, the lowwflying plane you'll see starting ptmorrow are there for science. over the altimore-washington region for an air quality a series of flights to measure gas anddparticles in the air to better uuderstand how to track poolution. there will be fourteen flight througgout july. 3 u.ss firearms wreak havoc ddstruction and terror on their communities." communities." cummings is firing off attamerica's disasterous gun operaaion. how he's using operation fast and furious to make it toghee for very american to buy a says: "ii i
. earlier today on msnbc's show "morning joe" political analyst mark halperin crossed the line when he called the line when he called the president of the united states a vulgar word and he was quickly suspended. but did he jump, or was he pushed? take a look at this. >> mark halperin. what was the president's strategy? we're coming up on a deadline, and the president decided to please his base, push back against the republicans. i guess the question is, because woe all know a deal has to be done, is this short of showmanship? a lot of times you go out there, both sides, and they act tough, so their base will be appeased and then they quietly work the deal behind the scenes. >> are we on the seven-second delay today? >> oh, lordy. >> i want to characterize how i thought the president behaved. >> how do you think he behaved. >> well, we have it. we can use it, right, alex? yeah, go for it. >> yeah, let's see what happens. >> alex, you have the button. >> you fall down, they catch you. >> and the president has been said on this show. >> i thought he was kind of a [ bleep ] yesterday. >>
the air. halperin immediately apologized, saying it was disrespectful. >> i've already apologized. i said it was disrespectful. i'm sorry to the viewers. it was the kind of thing that i can't really explain, but i take full responsibility for it. it was a mistake and disrespectful, and i shouldn't have said it. >> no word on how long halperin's suspension will last. he's also an editor at large at "time" magazine. nbc universal is the parent company of msnbc and nbc 4. >> firefighters in new mexico say they are confident that they've stopped a wildfire from advancing on a los alamos nuclear lab. they kept flames closest to the facility from advancing further, but the fire has spread into los alamos canyon and has now scorched more than 145 square miles. the canyon does run through parts of town and the nuclear lab. firefighters say most of the canyon has been cleared of brush, giving them a safe area to attack the fire. residents will likely not be able to return home until at least sunday. time to take a look at the weather forecast. tom is here in the studio. >>> sun will be up in about
making an of color comment about president obama. >> *bleep * >> mark halperin made that comment yesterday he prefaced it by asking if the seven-second delay was on but it was not. he later apologized. msnbc and the white house said his remark was inappropriate. >>> rththe tone of the death debate is the subject of today's politico minute. >>> it seems republicans did not appreciate what the president had to say in his press conference earlier in the week, basically telling them they are not doing their jobs. some of them have been firing back and saying. >>> when you try to negotiate and you tell the other side that they are no better than his daughters, that is not good. he is trying to lay a foundation for his 2012 reelection campaign. it's sort of backfired. republicans have hardened their positions in the last 36 hours. there has not been really any movement toward resolving the impasse. >> we see the president in front of everybody saying one thing and the leaders the congressional leaders on the other side saying something else. they are posturing but what is going on behi
-- i can't believe you. halperin made the comment yesterday was talking out president obama's news conference wednesday. asking if the by seven-second delay was on. it was not. apologized. snbc said his remark was inappropriate. the octomom made some shocking he sames about her children. handle her cannot 14 children. he said the babies are "disgusting" and the older animals. re facing she is o reclosure and unable t rovide for her family. started.get me >> i'm not hitting the beach unfortunately but i wish i was. >> i wish i was too. it is going to be refreshing at the beach. >> yeah. >> comfortable. level. hing outside, the ater feels refreshing. is not like the gulf of mexico in the summertime where t is like bathwater. i'm going down there in a couple of weeks. it is a very comfortable situation. refreshing at the beaches this weekend. air temperatures in the upper 0's. the storms along early ne late sunday and monday morning. frederick. eautiful blue skies. our camera. he boardwalk, some folks walking along the boardwalk and along the water as well. 59 in waldorf. newport in
's move on now to mark halperin, analyst who contributes to msnbc, writes for "time." anyway, he was on "morning joe." and made a bit of a -- let's just say he put his foot in his mouth here. he was talking about the president's press conference and how the president acted. i believe we have his -- what he said with a little bit of a censor. >> thought he was kind of a [ muted ] yesterday. >> oh my god, delay that. delay that. >> except they didn't delay that, so it went out over the air. he has since been suspended from msnbc. you can imagine that his boss is not happy with that. that's not the kind of analysis that you want in the public discourse. >> no matter what you think of the president it's probably better not to say that particular word about him. >> exactly, yes. >> have you seen this movie "bridesmaids"? >> no, i haven't. >> i have not either. i'm dieing to see it. rns out this is jed apatow's latest movie and everyone says hysterical. our senior producer allison said she loved it, laughed so hard her face hurt. turns out it is so funny it has passed up "knocked up,"
and jeff halperin, they know leadership and chemistry. maybe that's the missing link. >>> participants in this year's women's u.s. open have had a lot to deal with, especially weather. a handful of golfers had to finish today because of delays. but in the end, it was 21-year-old so yeon ryu. hee kyung seo is 25 years old, finished her round and slept on a one-shot lead. her is south korean 21-year-old so yeon ryu, came to the 18th, needing to make that birdie to force a playoff. she did it, tying seo at 3 under par. would compete in the three-hole aggregate score playoff. on the par 5 17, sprays her tee shot right into a bunker. not what she wanted to do, not at all. ends up bogeying the hole. ryu birdies a two-shot lead and drains this putt for birdie to win the 66th u.s. women's open. she gets a celebratory dousing with champions, her friends on the tour. very cool. a big congratulations to her. they had to wait, but she kept the mental fortitude. >> good for them. i hope she got to drink some of that. >> just old enough. >>> coming up, a texas mother we make the time to celebrate bi
halperin is a big-time political writer and analyst. >> it's an absolute apology. >> heartfelt to the president and viewers, i made a mistake and i'm sorry and shouldn't have said it. >> reporter: msnbc suspended him as an analyst, saying we apologize to the president, white house and all of our viewers. the white house spokesman said he had called the network. >> it would be inappropriate to say that about any president of either party. >> reporter: the "d" word episode seemed to be part of a larger inside joke about the show's delay button. the delay was set up almost three years ago after the host himself joe scarborough swore without realizing it. >> for screaming [ bleep ] you at the top of their lungs. my wife is going to kill me. >> reporter: after that, two delay button were established. one for live remotes and one for the studio. for the show, the hosts were joking about testing the button and a new executive producer manning the controls. >> there's this one button here, you think this was it, apparently there's this other button over here. >> alex, you're supposed t
progress and my former chief of staff, john podesta and david halperin the director of campus progress who was a very able speechwriter for me on foreign-policy when i was? president. i sort of have to show up when they ask. [laughter] but i am very glad to be here. i want to begin with something that was emphasized in a brief film. most of the time when i was in politics, people debated what are you going to do and how much money are you going to spend on it? and, there wasn't enough attention given to how are you going to do it so your good intentions actually turn into real changes? and if you don't think about that, you get in trouble. for example, and i have come back to this in a minute but i just want to mention it. in the current budget debate, there is all this discussion about how much will come from spending cuts, how much will come from tax increases and almost nobody is talking about one of the central.that everyone who has analyzed this situation makes, including the bipartisan simpson-bowles commission, which said you shouldn't do any of this until the economy is clearly rec
chief of staff jonathan bethesda and a director of campus progress, david halperin, who was am very able speechwriter and foreign policy when i was president. i sort of have to show up when they asked. but i am very glad to be here. i want to begin by something that was emphasized in the brief film. most of the time when i was in politics, people debated whether you going to do and how much money are you going to spend? there wasn't enough attention given to how are you going to do it so your good intentions actually turn into real changes? if you don't think about that, you get in trouble. for example, i will come back to this in a minute. in the current budget debate there is all this discussion about how much will come from spending cuts and how much will come from tax increases, almost nobody is talking about one of the central points that everyone who has analyzed the situation makes including the bipartisan some symbols commission which said you shouldn't do any of this until the economy is clearly recovering because if you do things that damages economic growth and the u.k. is fou
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